Ageless Gardens, Season II (2019)

Ageless Gardens Season 2.jpg

(Documentary Series, 5x30 minutes)

We all feel so much better, and more alive, if we’re out in the garden.

Ageless Gardens explores the practical, aesthetic, contemplative, health, and psychological aspects of gardening from a Zoomer perspective.

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S2E201: “Shared Gardens”

Volunteers maintain 36 acres of gardens at the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor of BC. Home gardeners exchange seeds that will grow successfully in their unique rainforest climate. An amateur beekeeper shares honey with his neighbours. A community garden grows produce for the local food bank on remediated land.

S2E202: “Career Gardeners”

Gardening royalty and octogenarian Marjorie Harris leaves her own glorious garden for a new garden design client. Three generations of a family turn vegetable gardening into a business. An authentic Italian pizzeria uses produce from their own garden. Instructors at a horticultural college demonstrate the value of gardening as a profession.

S2E203: “Gardening for the Mind”

Teenage students learn that gardening can teach them about life through an outdoor school garden program. A tour guide demonstrates his love of gardens by sharing his deep knowledge of plants. A joyful octogenarian explains the value of gardening as a key to a healthy mind. A summer plant sale raises funds to support the school garden.

S2E204: “Active in the Garden”

A retired hospital administrator adapts his home garden in order to age in place. Dementia patients experience memory-triggering touches and smells in a tactile garden. A long-time professional gardener demonstrates his physical dexterity and knowledge of plants. An artist and her carpenter husband decorate birdhouses for their backyard oasis.

S2E205: “Gardens of the Spirit”

Live classical music brings calm to a Yo-Yo Ma inspired public garden. Monks at a remote monastery wander contemplatively in nature’s forest garden. Innovative tower gardens aid remote northern communities in growing their own food year-round. 


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