Ageless Gardens, Season I (2018)

(Documentary Series, 5x30 minutes)

Ageless Gardens is a visual celebration of gardens and gardeners, with a special emphasis on the role gardens can play in healthy aging. 

"Visually, this is the most gorgeous series of the new TV season.” 
     - Retired Globe and Mail TV Critic James Bawden

Nominated for six Leo Awards
(Best Documentary Series, Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Sound, and Music).

Nominated for a Golden Sheaf Award
(Best Documentary Series).

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S1E101: "Healing Plants"

A renowned writer attributes her health and longevity to gardening.  A medicine woman finds remedies for her people in ‘nature’s pharmacy.’ A sculptor who has gardened for over 70 years gains inspiration. A controversial healing plant, in cookie form, is used as a natural sleeping aid.

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S1E102: "Therapeutic Gardens"

Hospice patients use gardening as therapy, for the aging body. An engineer practices bonsai gardening to restore his mind. A 93 year-old retired nurse uses gardening as a quiet time to remember loved ones. A therapist creates a hospital garden that gives patients a place to restore and recover.

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A restaurateur forages for wild mushrooms to use in his world-renowned eatery. Sisters-in-law bloggers locate wild plants for tea, and a nighttime tonic. An entrepreneur harvests seaweed for topical and edible uses. A west coast gardener rescues wild plants that create an oasis for local wildlife.

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A group of community gardeners campaign to change city boulevard gardening laws. A radio host keeps a virtual community of gardeners together, over the airwaves. Recent immigrants seek engagement with others in their new community. An inner-city community garden on the prairies exists with the credo "help yourself."

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A gardener uses raised garden beds so she can continue her hobby after hip surgery. Disabled gardeners use a variety of adaptive tools. A retiree downsizes when her husband moves to a care home. A Toronto landscape architect plans a low maintenance patio garden to suit his own aging lifestyle. A woodworker builds gardening tools for impaired gardeners.

Season: I  II


VisionTV (Canada)
Gaia (USA)
Country TV (New Zealand)